Work-in-Progress Submission 1

Due Date: Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Submission Instructions: Submit in Link and Statement in Your Folder

Assignment Description:

The first Work-in-Progress Submission will be a static website based upon the classwork assignments we have already done using css, html, and Github Pages. This is the website you will use for future assignment submissions, including your final portfolio, so you should think of it as a personal/professional website that tries to strike a balance between its academic requirements and your individual identity.

In class, we have already worked as a group to design and build what is essentially an empty template or “wireframe” version of your site. Each student created an index/home page and a main menu, which links to all the main pages your website is required to have. However, it’s now up to you to flesh out this draft with a design concept, revisions of your written classwork, and a written reflection on your work so far this semester.

Design Concept

For this version of the website, you will develop and implement an individual design concept. Considerations might include a color scheme, changes to the spatial layout of the site, a better font, a more aesthetically pleasing menu, different hyperlink colors and styles, a background image, a sidebar area with sidebar content, a footer area with footer content, and images/illustrations. This should be a fully realized design concept, but you should also think of it as a work in progress, as we will continue to revise these websites all term. (Hint: design concepts often have a unifying idea or direction that guides decisions. This might be as simple as a keyword like "smooth" or as complex as "The simplicity of meets the graphic sensibility and layout of".)

Revisions of Your Written Classwork

Before submitting this version of the static site, you should revise the biography on your home page. Think about how those revisions might make your biographical blurb a better fit for the design concept you have decided upon. In turn, you should also make appropriate revisions to the classwork assignments from week 1 and week 4 and integrate those into your course website (see "What Goes Where" section).

Written Reflection

This written portion of the assignment should be 750-1,000 words long. It should read like a personal essay (Saying "I" is encouraged) and, at some point in the reflection, you should address how have you approached assignments so far for this class, how have you engaged in revision for this assignment, and how have you integrated web design principles into your website. Lastly, you should lay out a sense of direction for your own work. This should include a general statement of emerging interests and 3-5 specific learning objectives (meaning particular competencies like "crop photos in Photoshop" or areas of growth like "learn how web designers typically approach mock-ups"). If you have any difficult coming up with specific goals, browse through upcoming readings on the calendar to get a sense of the topics we are covering. The written reflection should be published under the main page of the "Work in Progress 1" link (see "What Goes Where" section).

What Goes Where

/index.html /work-1/index.html /work-1/sample-1/index.html /work-1/sample-2/index.html

Assignment Goals

  1. Demonstrate baseline familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages
  2. Consider different options and decision points when publishing written and multimodal work online
  3. Think critically about how design choices inform a website’s look and feel
  4. Engage critically with decisions made on work so far for the class and begin to formulate goals for the future

How to Turn in Your Work

On Github, make sure a finished version of your website is published/committed, and double check that your site looks, feels, and functions the way it ought to. (On your last branch commit, I also recommend making your commit message something like "completed work-in-progress-1 version of website"). Finally, upload to your Box folder a word or text document containing the full URL of your website. (For example, my URL would be


I will use the course's primary descriptive, non-numerical rubric for this assignment. It includes the following criteria:

Item Description
Assignment Process: Evaluates whether students have followed directions properly. All materials are turned in on time and in the right place. Assignment directions are followed. Required components are all present and submitted on time.
Attention to Detail in Writing and/or Code: Language shows thought, precision, and control in word choice. Uses forms of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and syntax that are appropriate for published work. Demonstrates careful attention to proofreading. For websites, links work properly, images display, all html tags terminate properly. Page design renders as intended.
Interface Functionality and Design: Interface is easy to navigate and aesthetically balanced. Appears to be designed with an overall vision or sense of purpose. Visual elements or interactives are clearly contextualized and show evidence of attention to design. Features that may seem out of place are well contextualized in written materials.
Synthesis of Form and Content: Digital functionality extends research in some way. Clear connections between design and subject matter. Approach conveys care and creativity. Work successfully imagines its audience and choices seem consistent with that audience. Elements that may seem out of balance are discussed in written materials.
Evidence of Effort: Supplementary statements and process assignments clarify and contextualize choices. Work shows no signs of last-minute, unresolved complications. Student has shown the professor drafts in office hours or during class.